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SOUL ROW is the best full body cardio workout for all levels and all ages, whether you are a rowing beginner or an athlete. Being the first time on a rowing machine can be overwhelming, as all is new. We at SOUL ROW will guide you through this unique experience. As a beginner as well as an athlete you might be eager to steadily master your rowing technique. Here you can find a few tips how to make the best out of your SOUL ROW training. Let's make your workout the best training experience you ever had.

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There are numerous mobilization exercises to help you prepare for rowing. 

In the first part of our short mobilization you will find exercises that are a good preparation for the training and can be easily integrated into your everyday life. We recommend to do them regularly and we will add further exercises little by little so that you can create a good routine according to your own needs.

Hope you enjoy your daily routines! 


How to integrate healthy routines into everyday life?

There are numerous exercises to improve balance and coordination.

In our Balance & Coordination series, you’ll find exercises that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. We start with the LEG SWING and the UPPER BODY ROTATION.

We place special emphasis on the cooldown and stretching block at the end of each SOUL ROW Rowing class with a balanced stretching mix. Stretching can help improve balance and coordination significantly.

Healthy routines in everyday life also lead to a better life balance.





How to find the perfect posture to start the stroke?

  • Arms are straight. Head is neutral.
  • Find an upright position.
  • Shoulders are relaxed.
  • Upper body is leaning forward from the hips.
  • Shoulders are slightly in front of the hips.
  • Shins are vertical, heels may slightly lift if needed.
catch position


catch position


The drive is the main phase during the rowing stroke. To find a good rhythm of the movement is vital for a good rowing technique.

Start the drive by pressing with your legs. Then swing your back through the vertical position and finally add the arm pull at the end of the drive. Be sure to engage your core and relax your shoulders during the drive. Hands move in a horizontal line to and from the wheel. 



The unique combination of rowing and music makes it easy to find an elusive balance between full power in the drive and relaxation in the recovery phase and a good rhythm for the movement. 

In the finish position lean the upper body back slightly. Legs are fully extended and the handle is at the lower rips. Shoulders stay low and wrists and grip are relaxed. Ellbows are along the sides of the body and wrists remain flat.



During recovery  all movements flow and we use the moment for active relaxation.

During the warmup / technical block we actively pause at positions 1, 2, 3 as an exercise. In the full stroke we find a smooth transition in the sequence of the movements.


Extend your arms until they straighten before leaning from the hips towards the flywheel. Once the hands have cleared your knees, allow your knees to bend and gradually slide the seat forward on the monorail.


Common mistake: Knees bend to early

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