Together we grow, let go, just ROW.


Do you want to get faster, get fitter or stay fit, improve your technique or simply stay focused and keep at it? We are enthusiastic every day about helping you achieve your goals with ease and joy through our training sessions to coordinated music programmes.

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SOUL ROW® Indoor Rowing classes – challenge yourself in a hard rowing session followed by the pleasure of full relaxation. Our energetic group courses focus on the joy of rowing together synchronously to a coordinated energizing music program and the playful learning of a correct rowing technique. With our Indoor Rowing classes you find an ultimate and joint-friendly full-body workout, which is based on one of the healthiest sports of all and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. SOUL ROW® supports you in finding an elusive balance between strength and relaxation. It is a holistic experience that empowers you. With the comprehensive range of courses offered by the SOUL ROW Club, you can improve your strength and endurance, circulation and coordination and as well as your focus. With the boost of your metabolism, which promotes the release of so-called happy hormones a reduction of stress hormones is possible. Thus, indoor rowing can actually put you in a good mood and increase your sense of well-being.

Spend with us an hour of happiness, joy and togetherness!

SOUL ROW® Indoor Rowing is well-being and a unique full body experience for body, mind and soul.



From February 2023 you will find us with our Live Indoor Rowing classes at the SAVA Boutique Studio in the middle of Seefeld in Doufourstrasse 131, 8008 Zurich. The newly opened boutique studio was founded and renovated with a lot of passion by the 2 ballet soloists Sarah-Jane Brodbeck and Vahe Martirosyan to create an inspiring and personal atmosphere. With SOUL ROW PRIME, the 60-minute format and SOUL ROW RISE, the 50-minute format, we support you to achieve your goals with ease and joy.

soul row indoor rowing mit monika


Tired, tense, troubled? Come and relax your mind while working out hard. Sounds like a contradiction? Try it yourself. SOUL ROW® is a full-body workout which not only burns massive amounts of calories, is joint-friendly and will turn your core into steel but gives you a break from the daily chores as you focus on technique and get carried away by the rhythm of the music and the group.


Our passion unites us. We love to share this passion with you, to become step by step more uplifted, powerful and energetic together.


Together we explore our limits, reach the next energy level and enjoy a unique training. Each time we challenge ourselves mentally and physically, inspire us and take us to higher spheres.


What could be better than to surrender to the magnetic beat of the music? With every stroke changes your mindset, your power, your soul and you’ll get ready to discover your best self.

Let’s ROW


soul row indoor rowing with monika
soul row indoor rowing, health and fitness with monika

Real JOY. Real Results.


Are you ready for the next step?
You are stronger and more powerful than you might think you are.


of the muscles involved!


joint-gentle, strength & endurance!


In a dynamic group setting we let go of all our burdens and enlighten our soul.
Recharge, feel stronger and find an elusive balance between strength and relaxation.
Here our journey begins. Power and balance is beautiful.

Creative Team

We are more than passionate about the magic combination of rowing and music. This is what connects us on a deeper level. We follow our vision to empower as many people as possible and inspire them to explore their best self and for their personal growth.

The better we feel, the better we live!

Together we grow, let go, just ROW.

We explore our limits, push stronger, pull harder and reach the next level, stroke by stroke.

soul row indoor rowing with christine
soul row indoor rowing with monika





Monika’s enthusiastic, motivating and positive personality motivates me to keep my performance technically during the training and to regularly train with joy all the time. Her precise and attentive coaching has allowed me to greatly improve my rowing technique and also implement it on the water.

The training strengthens me not only physically but also mentally.”


“Monika leads through the training in an infectious way.

She recognizes mistakes in the movement immediately and has given me the decisive tips to improve my rowing stroke.”


“I am very enthusiastic about how you both teach and do the training and i try to join your classes as often as possible. I’ve never rowed before but you guys have really made me enjoy rowing!
The rowing class today was once again awesome and the song in the 1-minute break was also top.
Keep up the good work!”


“The training in the group with music that empowers us, the good atmosphere and the encouragement from the coaches is crazy fun and without travelling, the training fits almost everywhere into the agenda. The effect of the training is surprisingly great. While swimming and biking I profit from the good basic endurance that I have accomplished with SOUL ROW.”


“Bei SOUL ROW kann ich loslassen, werde angespornt durch Musik, die motivierenden Coaches und dem Bild der anderen Teilnehmer. Ich pendle vor und zurück, mein Puls geht hoch und wieder runter und wenn ich nicht mehr mag, drücke ich weniger stark, der Schweiss rinnt … und schon ist es wieder vorbei und die Glücksgefühle sind da.
Locker Ausrudern & Dehnen. Nach der Dusche fühle ich mich wie neu geboren.

P.S: das Ruderergometer ist ein tolles Gerät zur Stärkung der Rumpf- und Bein Muskulatur, die ich bei vielen Sportarten brauche. Ausserdem verbessere ich dabei meine Ruder-Technik und die Kraftübertragung und entwickle ein besseres Körpergefühl.”


“After every single rowing class i had a boost of energy, a sparkling, dazzling energy filling my whole body. Yes, although i was really exhausted i could feel this strong power, growing even stronger every time during and after a class. At first i did not know what was happening, i was just working out. But then i realized the connection between the repetitive movement on the Rowing machine with the strong rhythm and beats of the inspiring music and the challenging spirit in the room rowing together as a group really made me go further, reach longer and pull harder and put me on the next level. Every single time and that is just magic.”


“Thanks to SOUL ROW I not only maintain my physical fitness and enjoy every workout, but also recharge my batteries for the days ahead.”


“Trotz vollem körperlichen Einsatz, der mich immer an meine Grenzen bringt, kann ich in jeder SOUL ROW Stunde den Alltag komplett ausblenden. Das ist für mich Auftanken auf besonderem Level.”


I’m an absolute rowing beginner. Can I still participate?

The rowing technique is repeated at the beginning of every class. Yet, if you have never done any rowing, then we advise you to book an introductory class, so we can focus on the correct rowing technique.

I’m not fit. Can I still participate?

As for any sport, if you are unwell you should not additionally stress your body with sport. If you are healthy but just not fit, then rowing is a good way to get fitter as the intensity can be individually adjusted. If unsure, please get advice from your doctor.

I am not yet 18 years old. Can I still participate?

No one under 15 years old may participate. A minor ages 15-18 may participate with a parent present.

I only speak English. Can I still participate?

Yes. We give the classes in German and/or English depending on the participants.

Do I need to create an account?

Yes. You need to register to book a class. We want to know who is rowing with us and be able to reach you if necessary.

What shall I bring along?

For rowing we recommend fitting, comfortable clothes, clean sport shoes, and a water bottle.

How do I participate in a live online class?

The booking confirmation email will contain the ID required to access the online class via zoom.us. The session will open about 10 minutes before the start of the class, such that you have time to check your zoom.us setup and we can start rowing on time.

What additional equipment do I need for the live online class?

You require an indoor rowing ergometer to participate. For viewing and listening to the class you need a telephone, tablet or computer. A headset will help you to hear the music and instructor better. We also recommend to participate with the video camera on, as we like to see who is rowing with us and it will motivate yourself additionally.

How do I use zoom for the live online class?

You need to download the zoom.us app if you use the phone. To see the rowing program and the videos click on View Options and choose Side-by-Side Mode. Slide the separator to the left or right to adjust the size of the view. Click Speaker View or Gallery View at the top to swich between them. To enlarge a particular video (e.g. instructor) you can hovering over the video, click and select Pin Video. Don’t forget to adjust the audio volume on your device.

Will SOUL ROW be liable if I injure myself?

No, with booking our class you agree to our disclaimer. Please read it carefully in advance as we are not liable in a case of injury.

Do I get my money back when I can’t come?

You can cancel your reservation 24 hours before the class by sending an email to info@soulrow.ch. Thereafter there will be no refund.

I want to book a SOUL ROW® Indoor Rowing Class!

 Are you new to SOUL ROW?

The first time on a rowing machine can be overwhelming as all is new. Rest assured that we will guide you through this unique experience. In How to…? you can find some tips and inspiration for the basic rowing technique, mobility before and stretching after the training.
Join us for a training so we can get you familiar with the basic technique.

We can’t wait to meet you!

You can find us at:

Dufourstrasse 131
8008 Zürich


Ringstrasse 20
8600 Dübendorf


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